• Program Management

    Inception To Completion

    We understand it takes a disciplined approach to manage and control projects carefully. Our professionals use a systematic and deliberate process that meets strategic objectives through the careful management of a project from inception to completion. We listen to our clients’ objectives and priorities, then work to build consensus among project participants through the risk management process. CREDE International’s program management teams work closely with owners, architects, engineers, and other construction consultants to provide seamless integration between all stages of the construction process. From concept or pre-construction to project closeout, CREDE International’s team leaders provide proactive problem-solving solutions for any construction program.

  • Preconstruction

    Success from the Start

    The most critical part of any project is the beginning. The greatest impact to creating the most value happens during Preconstruction. During the Preconstruction phase of a project, we work closely with the Client and design team to help create a comprehensive strategy and plan for success. We know how to listen carefully and deliberately. That helps us understand design parameters, determine the scope of work, quality requirements, and build a schedule and budget. CREDE International will perform value engineering and constructibility analyses to identify opportunities for cost savings to mitigate redesign fees and minimize changes during construction. We will encourage the participation of all members in a collaborate environment to draw on multiple experiences and knowledge to achieve the optimum results. Assessing our extensive network of subcontractor relationships, we can ensure our Clients get the building they want at the cost they expect.

  • Project Management

    Disciplined Approach

    It takes a disciplined approach to manage and control projects successfully. Given the multi-faceted nature of construction, collaboration is the foundation to our success. Who you choose to have on your team will be crucial to that success. Our team leaders have the proven expertise and ability to provide seamless integration solutions for your construction program. A successful project must start with a clear justification and definition of the project, proceed according to a detailed strategic plan, and deliver demonstrable outcomes. CREDE International professionals use systematic and deliberate processes meeting strategic objectives through the careful management of your project from inception to completion. Our experts carefully balance the many facets of a project that require management including time, cost, quality, scope, risk, procurement, integration of all elements, and most importantly strong communication. Again, the foundation of all great projects is collaboration.

  • Inspection QA/QC

    Building Quality

    Competent and thorough inspection of your project is one of the most critical elements in achieving a successful outcome. Proper inspection requires experience, sound judgment, technical and procedural knowledge, effective techniques, and complete and accurate documentation. We provide trained, professional inspectors who carry all necessary certifications and registrations, enabling them to complete each project safely and efficiently. CREDE International inspectors are certified in a full range of construction disciplines, enabling them to cover multiple disciplines, saving you time and money. Many CREDE International inspection team members have worked within the trades and thoroughly understand the construction process. They originate daily documentation, assuring work performed during construction is code compliant and adheres to all plans and specifications.

  • Commissioning

    Fully Operational

    For a building owner, the design and construction process can be overwhelming. It is difficult for your A/E team not to consider the impact on their design schedule and costs when presenting options. It is equally difficult for Contractors not to consider the impact on their construction schedule and GMP when doing the same. As your commissioning agent, CREDE International will be your sounding board for difficult decisions. In doing so, we become the voice an owner can rely on throughout the entire design and construction process. Our experienced team of commissioning specialists can perform any level of commissioning services your job requires. Registered Professional Engineers, certified building commissioning professionals, LEED Accredited Professionals, licensed master plumbers, master electricians and code inspectors comprise Paragon’s commissioning team to support all your commissioning needs.

  • Multi-Prime Contracting

    Transparent Control

    A fast track option for certain types of projects is multi-prime contracting, in which the owner holds separate contracts with the required subcontractors. One advantage of this delivery system is it allows our Client to have more control over the project schedule, since the Client sets the timeline for bidding individual portions of the work. Using this approach, CREDE International manages the overall schedule and budget. Work in each construction discipline is bid separately, allowing the flexibility of awarding construction contracts on the first portions of the project as soon as the respective aspect of design is completed. This fast-track approach can be a highly desirable option when time of performance is critical. Another advantage of this system is that the Client has the potential to realize savings by directly procuring major material items, such as structural steel or major mechanical equipment, and avoiding contractor mark-ups. The multi-prime option is a great option for certain applications. Contact CREDE International to discuss whether you project would qualify for this approach.