• Risk Mitigation

    Does your project feel as though it is starting to spin out of control? Are you not getting straight answers while confusion seems to be mounting? If you feel that your project is on the wrong path it is time to engage CREDE International. Our team can perform an assessment to determine whether your concerns are in fact warranted. We will identify any potential liabilities and propose a plan to address them. This plan will put your project back on the path to successful completion. The sooner we engage, the sooner we are able to assist you in addressing any liabilities or exposures.

  • Turnarounds

    CREDE International is extremely knowledgeable in turning around a project by:

    • Assessing the current situation
    • Regaining control of cost and schedule
    • Developing optimum strategy to complete project
    • Instilling accountability at every level
    • Establishing transparency
    • Building key relationships
    • Executing the Plan
  • Conflict Avoidance

    At CREDE International, we have a very different approach to project success, which can initially be viewed as a challenge by the teams we are hired to advise. The industry teaches that someone must lose for your team to win, but we believe that could not be further from the truth. The fact is that all team members must cross the finish line at the same time. The Architect can’t win without the Contractor; the Contractor can’t win without the Owner; and so on. Our favorite axiom is that everyone must be successful in order for project to be successful. Approaching the various teams on a given project and trying to inspire this shift in mindset proves a formidable challenge on many jobsites. Despite this challenge, CREDE International has been able to coax battling departments into a unified team to successfully complete even the most difficult of projects. We will never stop facing this challenge with every new project we take on, but unlocking the potential for common success inspires us at CREDE International. We believe this challenge will always be worth facing.

  • Takeovers

    CREDE International has years of experience in crisis takeovers. We will develop a concise plan to resume the project. Our highest priority in takeover situations is to work quickly and accurately to assess the situation and create a custom turnaround plan based on the needs of the project. We will immediately incorporate the necessary steps required of a turnaround, as well as ensure all legal requirements are adhered to while protecting the interests of our clients. When necessary, we will execute that plan by supplementing and/or managing current team members. When Paragon is asked to take over a project, the client can trust that the project will be completed.

  • Audits & Claims

    Carefully planned and well managed projects can sometimes encounter claims and disputes, but how claims and disputes are handled will make a significant difference in the success of a construction project. Early dispute resolution is the primary goal with CREDE International. Here are a few early warning signs that may require review:

    • Excessive change orders
    • Schedule Delays
    • Claims of unforeseen site conditions
    • Site Utility disruptions
    • Requests for scheduled accelerations
    • Contract terminations
  • Litigation Support

    CREDE International is prepared to assist in matters requiring credible and qualified experts to unravel the complexities of construction legal issues and defects. We understand and implement proven methods to bring to light the real reasons for conflict. Our team at CREDE International will provide an assessment of your legal concerns and assist you to properly prepare for litigation when necessary. We have the experience and knowledge regarding construction-related legal issues to put our clients at ease and ensure the conflict is solved smoothly. Our litigation support team will always work hard to minimize conflict and protect our clients.