• Owner Representation

    Your Advocate

    Some organizations lack the experience necessary to properly manage the development of complex projects and related investments. At CREDE International our team is made of expert veterans of the construction industry that any organization can depend on to get their job done and done well. We are prepared to earn the trust and confidence of organizations facing difficult and challenging projects. As your advocate, CREDE International will step in in place of the owner to help manage the project effectively. We know that for our firm to be successful, our clients must first be successful. Our mission is to Empower our Professionals to Serve & Protect our Clients”— and it is our priority to deliver.

  • Strategic Project Planning

    A Strong Start

    Any new construction is the extension of a well-defined operational plan to secure a successful future. A critical part of any organization’s strategic planning is the inclusion of “outside” qualified expertise. The right strategy requires a collaborative process to distinguish between the “wants” and the “needs” of different stakeholders. From current conditions to the goals and objectives of the organization, CREDE International can help our clients create proactive strategies to achieve the highest value for the resources committed to the project. We ask the hard questions while you preserve goodwill with your stakeholders. We provide an objective review of the pending project and challenge assumptions to thereby determine options that not have otherwise been considered.

  • Feasibility Studies

    Predicting Outcomes

    Feasibility Studies are conducted prior to implementation of a project. Typically used to determine the likelihood of a project’s success, feasibility studies can influence an owner or investor’s decision to acquire a property. A Feasibility Study will address whether a project should proceed and includes components such as an impact analysis, regulatory analysis, technical/engineering analysis, risk analysis, economic analysis, financial analysis, and financial mechanism analysis. Paragon professionals will listen as client expectations are set forth and ensure all stakeholders have participated in setting those expectations. From cost assessments to determining the most likely project duration, CREDE International can assist any owner or investor throughout the acquisition process.

  • Transaction Review

    Defining Expectations

    Our seasoned experience as “construction interventionists” tells us that most problems have been a result of poorly defined expectations of the parties in contracts. Most projects have multiple stakeholders with differing agendas that need to be understood and managed. If this is not accomplished at the beginning of a project, it is imperative to quickly recognize the potential risk of a poorly structured deal and immediately mitigate the impact. CREDE International can review all the facets of pending or existing agreements to validate client assumptions on a project. CREDE International does not replace the role of legal counsel, but instead can quickly ascertain what areas of the transaction that are out of norm and in need of attention. We are the “boots on the ground” experts to gather the facts of your transactions and help protect our clients from future losses.

  • Constructability Review

    Plan Validation

    CREDE International can review your project plan to ensure that a design is buildable while also cost-effective, biddable, and maintainable, with the goal of reducing overruns and delays. For the purpose of objective results, this service is conducted separate from and independent of the design team. This will include a review of contract documents to identify errors, omissions and conflicts in plans, specifications, quantities, work items/activities, operational constraints, and appropriate basis of payment. Our team members are experienced in managing the assembly and analyzing the data necessary to create a Building Information Modeling (BIM) model of your specific project. From complex acute care hospitals with a myriad of support systems to the structural challenges of unusual architectural designs, BIM will identify potential issues prior to any construction providing a faster and lower cost solution to your project.

  • Coaching

    Leaders Are Learners

    Our team at CREDE International is hired by development or contracting groups with internal issues to coach the team toward building consensus and improving moral. We help clients manage complex development projects by:

    • Providing expert advice about project risk and investment criteria
    • Identifying critical assumptions
    • Helping teams communicate project strategies effectively

    We not only understand the challenges of a complex development project, but also the dynamics that surround this type of endeavor and how to address them in an organizational setting. The CREDE International team will help you determine the best communication strategy and how to formulate effective presentations for board members reviewing project goals.